Our response to COVID-19 and there whether report

Our response to Covid-19

Throughout the COVID crisis, Vintage Church never stopped having church: not simply because our worship experience is available online, but because church is more than a weekly gathering of believers. Church is about who we are, not where we are. Re-opening our doors for in-person gatherings is not to signal that we are “ready to have church again”, but because we love worshipping together and want to have every opportunity to be together as a church family. You are invited to worship with us in-person OR online each weekend. We host three LIVE in-person worship gatherings, two of which are broadcast live online, as well as give you the opportunity to engage in church on-demand as your schedule allows.
Whether you join us in-person or online, we are so glad to welcome you to Vintage Church and hope you feel at home throughout your experience. Details for both Online Gatherings and In-Person Gatherings are outlined below.
Online Gatherings
  • LIVE Broadcast on Sundays at 8:15A + 10A
  • On-Demand available Sunday at 12P
  • Online access on YouTube, The Vintage Church App, and vintagechurch.net
  • Use the Respond feature on the VC App to connect with us any time you're engaging with us.
In-Person Gatherings
  • LIVE Sundays at 8:15A + 10A + 11:45A
  • Our vkids classrooms are open for the 8:15A & 10A gathering. We operate on a ratio basis in order to both disciple and keep your child safe. Once a room is at capacity it will be closed and we cannot take any more kids in that area.
  • The gathering begins on time and will be broadcasted live. The main doors will open at 30 minutes prior and the auditorium doors will open at 15 minutes prior to the gathering. We recommend that you arrive early so that our Host Team can help you find a seat before the gathering begins.
  • Our building is being cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected per CDC guidelines and hand sanitizer is available throughout the building. 
  • While we are doing everything we can to ensure your ability to social distance in the building, we cannot guarantee it, particularly in common spaces, such as the lobby, hallways, and restrooms.
  • In regard to masks, we encourage you to comply with NC Executive Order No. 147.
  • If you have any questions regarding in-person gatherings, please email office@vintagechurch.net.

 ✱ ✱ Your attendance signals to us that you understand these protocols & the exposure risk involved with any public gatherings, are willing to abide within the aforementioned guidelines, and that you, the attendee, have not tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days, have not been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, nor are experiencing any symptoms connected with COVID-19.  ✱ ✱

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